Eastford Country Estate - Knysna

Eastford Private Nature Reserve was established in 1991. When it was originally purchased it was a pine plantation but the developers had a vision to create a nature reserve, re-establishing the original fauna and flora on the 50 hectare property.

Knysna forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is the smallest and richest of the world's six floral kingdoms. The diversity of fynbos plants is extremely high with over 9000 species of plants occurring in the area, around 6200 of which occur nowhere else in the world.

An indigenous nursery was established on the estate to replace the alien vegetation that was removed and 17 years later thousands of indigenous species have been planted. Eastford now boasts a huge array of beautiful indigenous plants, including naturally growing Ericas and Proteas. As the plants were returned to the area the indigenous fauna also began to make a re-apprearance. Now, it's not uncommon to come across a bushbuck, lynx, Knysna loerie or hear the occasional owl on a peaceful evening while relaxing on the deck.

Eastford Country Estate is a nature reserve positioned on the northern outskirts of Knysna. It consists mainly of montane fynbos which surrounds the 34 dwellings of which 6 are self-catering cottages. The estate stands above Knysna lagoon and has fine views over it as well as the Outeniqua mountains to the north and west. The town, with all its facilities, is just a few minutes drive away.

Game, which wanders freely onto the estate, includes bushbuck, caracal, baboons, mongooses, bush pigs, tortoises, & recently a pair of honey badgers. Birds varieties and numbers are both plentiful and they are enjoying the habitat which was previously a thick pine forest.